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My life…in Legos

At this moment I am staring at my computer screen, wondering what is ‘it’ that I should be saying. Do I have anything to say? While my motivating factor for starting this blog is school, I hope that my words will continue to flow into the universe…and that just maybe someone will be listening.

I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon in the school of Journalism and Communication, studying public relations — and yes, this is for school, but it is also for my education in the real-world. I have heard many times from my mother that, while your 20s are an exciting time, they are also the most difficult. In the ten years that you are 20-something, one passes from college student to young professional, all the while trying to figure out just exactly who you are.

So, I present to you, the unknown readers of the blogosphere, The Legos of My Life. The pieces of insight, humor, art, philosophy and stories that comprise who I am in the confusing time that is my 20-somethings.