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ADvertisements that work

Once I started my education in the School of Journalism and Communication, I began to see the world of media differently. Every sitcom, every billboard and every commercial is now seen through analytical eyes. I find myself  dissecting the decisions the producers made with every and every shot. Yes, I find myself much more observant these days, but when I am trying to relax with a glass of red wine in front of my TV, analytical eyes are not beneficial. I tend to zone out instead of paying attention to my favorite comedies like How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family, especially during commercials.

-Side Note- As a kid, I always found it funny and somewhat odd that my parents always put the TV on mute during commercials. At the time, I thought commercials were just additional entertainment, but now I see the wisdom of my parents way. -End Side Note-

So when I find myself actually paying attention to a commercial, either there is something special about the advertisement or I’m especially bored. But they are a few that stick out in my mind…

2011 Lincoln MKX

I want this car. I know nothing specific about this car except for what little is mentioned in the commercial – but I want this car. I don’t know if it because Mr. Sterling (John Slattery) is the one selling the car or what, but it works. In fact, all of the 2011 Lincoln commercials work. Each commercial conveys the same sleek,  sophisticated style paired with unprecedented car technology, something that is very appealing to a 20-something college student driving a ’96 Toyota Corolla. Especially true when a sophisticated, successful and yes, sexy man tells me how amazing the car is. Additional bonus, Lincoln has got a great 2011 commercial soundtrack.

Trident “Fighting Cavities”

I love Trident’s commercial series on fighting cavities and the above commercial is my favorite. When I see the commercial I honestly want to applaud the kids. If my future kids are able to create those costumes with plungers attached at the knees, I will be so proud! As a commercial, it really does work – I think about the type of gum I chew. It begs the question, if you are going to chew gum throughout your day, why not make it cavity fighting gum? And Trident makes a valid point. Cute kids and a little humor never hurts either.

Velveeta “Blow ‘Em Away”

I do not like and have never liked any form of “fake” cheese, but for some reason I want this queso dip. Maybe my taste buds are evolving as I mature – or perhaps devolving with my college lifestyle. But this commercial first makes me gasp, then laugh and finally real hungry for some yummy cheese dip. It works. At least on me.


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