a blog by Liz Johnston… just a 20-something PR girl trying to find her way

I don’t know if I could call these past 6 months a vacation, hiatus or a sabbatical, but either way, it has been a long time. I could come up with some creative excuses like how my computer fell into the river or how I broke my hand playing badminton – but really, I’ve just been busy.

When I began this blog, for a class assignment, I was at the beginning of my public relations journey. I was still dreaming of my life could be, where I wanted to work, where I wanted to live, what it even meant to be a professional grown-up. Well, I can say now that I don’t have to dream. I’m living it – sort of.

Lets fast forward through my extended break from blogging to the present. I’ve made the jump to the big city, Portland, that is, and I officially feel like Mary Tyler Moore. I’m still a student – technically – taking part in the Portland Senior Experience, but I’ve completed my degree requirements, making me feel like I’m only steps away from everything that I have worked so hard for.

I’m back to my blog, writing about these final steps to, what is supposedly called, my grown-up public realtions professional life.

Here we go.


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