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Let’s be honest – I am participating in this internship in the hopes that it will turn into a job. A JOB!  I never thought I would be this excited at the thought of working for the next 30+ years of my life. And let me remind you, that is without recess and summer vacations. Yet, I job is what I crave. A job is what I need. I can’t be a nonpaid intern forever.

I’m in week four of my ten weeks at my internship and changes are happening. Good news for me, I hope. Within the public relations department at my agency, my office-mate has been promoted and transferred to the San Francisco office. She is thrilled and we all couldn’t be more excited for her. Except maybe me. With her promotion/transfer there is now officially an opening here.

This internship just got all the more real. This could be it. But, it could not. I’m not afraid to say that I kick ass. I am damn good at what I do. I have a lot to learn, I am a newbie. However, for as new and as fresh of the college train I might be, I am on top of my game. I am professional and respectful and most importantly, I want to learn, I want to be here – I want this internship to become my life. I already feel like I am doing a really good job of showing this to the PR team. I have received some great feedback. However, that could mean nothing.

I keep telling myself that I can’t get my hopes up. I don’t know anything and things can change. But oh man, it’s hard not to dream. I have seven weeks to prove beyond I doubt that I can work here. It’s on!


Comments on: "Staffing Shake-Ups in the Office" (3)

  1. Sounds like a real opportunity for you! You might check this post out too: http://pdxsx.com/2011/04/20/a-pdxsx-success-story-how-kali-bean-turned-her-internship-into-a-killer-job-2/

    Otherwise, do your best work every day and let them know you are interested in the opportunity!


  2. Ummm this is so cool! You are probably the best at what you do, and I think your age and fresh-our-of-collegeness might be something to use to your advantage. You’re in PR, it seems to me that ebing up to date on technology and trends is important to that area, and at least we can boast that on our resume, if not years of experience, you know? I bet you’re going to blow their minds.
    Go get ’em, tiger.
    (^ew, that was gross, why did I say that?!)

  3. I totally get this. One of the existing employees at my current internship left literally the day that I interviewed. She was there when I asked if there would be an opportunity to grow within the company. Eek. And every time I send something I worked on to my boss she replies that it’s GREAT. But still, when they start talking about plans for January, I get all fidgety thinking that may not include me. Anyway, all you can do is show up and work hard. The upside is that you’ve already been trained. And I’m sure that will be something they will take into account when looking to fill the position. You’ll be great if you want to be! Side note: You have some really great post topics. Where do you get your ideas? lol

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