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The Portland Senior Experience is an above and beyond program that students of the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication may choose to apply for. Few complete the application, even fewer are excepted. However, this post is not about the amazing benefits of this one of a kind program, rather this post is about what happens outside of my internship and classroom experience.

I feel very lucky to be given this opportunity to work, learn and live, in what I refer to as, the real-world. As a Eugene native, Track Town USA has been my world – my one and only comfort zone. But, I’m graduating and moving on with the PDXSX has a perfect spring board into the professional life I have been dreaming about for years. What I am really trying to get across is that this program is more than just an internship, it’s a chance to test out life – that is, test out life with other students who are in the exact same place that you are. Stepping into the world after college can be a shock, but with this program and with my fellow PDXSXers, I feel like it’s no biggie what so ever.

Today was the first day that I feel like I bonded with my fellow PDXSXers – Taylor Long, Annelise Schoups, Megan Kleck, Katie Armstrong and myself hit the happy hour scene together. It was a happy coincidence that it was also Katie’s 21st birthday! (Happy Birthday Katie!) Our little get together was a great time to hear about other intern experiences, what has been good, what has been bad, and what it is that we all hope to get from this program. While none of us can 100 percent relate to each other, there are commonalities with us all. It’s hard to explain the significance of having to college to reality conversations with students who understand my career goals, and the situation that we are all in trying to achieve our goals.

While the professional experience and benefits brought me to this program, it is the personal growth and connections that I can’t wait to share with future PDXSX students.


Comments on: "The Senior Experience and Beyond" (4)

  1. sassyarmstrong said:

    Thanks! It was fun to celebrate. But also like you said, it was nice to connect and discuss where we are in life and our internships.

  2. I agree! The connections I’m making this term, with all of the PDXSX students and with my coworkers, have been the best part of my experience. I’m ready for Portland City Grill this week!

  3. I had a blast getting to know all of you last Tuesday and look forward to continue to get to know you. I agree with Taylor that the connections made through this whole experience has been my favorite part as well. You are right, it is interesting to see how we all can be going through different situations in our internships, and yet still connected in the fact that we all are going through the transition from college life to entering the real world.

  4. Good post, Liz and I am thrilled to hear that you are making the PDXSX program more than just an internship, but a springboard into a career and life beyond! You’re a rockstar!


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