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My Personality – Exposed.

Hi, I am a ESTJ. Not sure what that means, let me tell you.

Before I dive into the deep crevasses that define who I am, let me begin with saying I don’t, and never will, trust personality tests. I refuse to believe that there is a test for such a thing – my personality. My personality can change from day to day. Spend some time with me and I dare to try and even begin to define the type of person I am. My friends and family are still trying.

But, back to the matter at hand, my four letters: ESTJ. These four defining alphabet characters came from the classic personality test derived from the minds of Myers & Briggs. (Check it out, I’ll let you read all the fun history)

E   stands for extrovert – I prefer the outside world

S   stands for sensing – I trust on my senses

T   stands for thinking – I like to be logical

J   stands for Judging – I structure my life

My personality code aligns with 12-to-15 percent of the American population – a segment of the population that, from the outside, doesn’t seem to align with me. I tried Googling “ESTJ famous people” and in turn was shows a list of presidents – including George W. Bush. If you knew me at all, you would know that I am gagging at the thought of sharing a commonality with that man. Among past american presidents, other famous ESTJ people include the founder of Wal-Mart, an evangelist and a prohibition agent. This would be comical if the thought of being listed with these people weren’t such a  contradiction to who I am. Like I said early, I don’t trust personality tests.

Then the question arises, if I find myself at such odds with those who I supposedly think alike, then maybe I chose the wrong attributes. Nah. If I had to chose, I would be a ESTJ. The majority of my personality aligns with structure, rationality and organization. However, there is a good chunk of crazy in me to balance the rest.

The results of this personality test warn against one’s blind spots, the consequences of being deemed a ESTJ. I’m bossy, hard-headed and don’t put up with bullshit. To be honest, I would rather be all those things as opposed to being a follower, a push-over and gullible. My possible blind spots also include being close-minded, overly rigid, cold and uncaring, as well as being unappreciative.

I found one website, Know Your Type, that actually describes a ESTJ that is me. Here is how the site describes a ESTJ:


The ESTJ was born to manage. They are often seen by others as people they can depend on. They will often volunteer for more work and responsibility than others. The type is also known for a raucous sense of humor.

In love relationships they can be very good at managing emotions to the point of control. Don’t expect a quick courtship out of an ESTJ. They enjoy organizing and planning events and everything has a plan.

Family events and rituals are the symbols of an ESTJ’s cultural heritage; therefore it must be honored with the strictest adherence and most loyal obedience.


The ESTJ is a fixer of broken things and also believes in doing the job right. ESTJ’s believe in being ‘company men’ and give their loyalty in expectance of the company working for them. Other popular ESTJ career directions include: Government employee, Auditor, Electrical Engineer, Dentist.


The ESTJ is often viewed as a scholarly student, albeit somewhat mouthy and argumentative. The practical classes that deal in tangible results often appeal to the ESTJ more than those of an abstract nature. The idea of hard work is never far from their core

So what does this mean for me and my career path? I feel like I am pretty well matched. But as I make this transition from student to professional, I need to remember to keep my mouth shut at times. I know I don’t know everything and I know that I have a lot to still learn, but I need to become better at showing that. Sometime I come off too strong. Sometimes, it’s good to step back and just listen. That is something I need to work on.

I said it earlier in this post and I will say it again, I do not believe personalities are fixed. They are always changing. If I did this test when I was 15, I would have diagnosed myself as a ISFJ; shy, emotional and lost without someone telling me what to do.

Time will only tell where my personality will go from here. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up being a ENTP. Stay tuned, folks!



Comments on: "My Personality – Exposed." (2)

  1. sassyarmstrong said:

    I’m pretty skeptical about these kinds of tests too. But it’s interesting to see the results. I don’t think personalities are fixed either and I think everyone is sort of discovering who they are.

  2. Good job, Liz. I’m certain you already know that traits can change and no test will ever “define” you. You will, however, meet people during your career who will certainly make to sit back and think – Oh, man, that INFJ is a real jerk! I wonder how I can work with them…


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