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The 4 a.m Wake Up Call

I love to sleep. Honestly, it is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s hard to beat that warm cozy feeling of your own bed on a cold fall morning. Some mornings, I would describe it as magical. However, I’m not always affordable those amazing morning fuzzy feelings. Sometimes, work demands my presence at 4 a.m.

Early mornings feel like an alternate universe. In the time between bars closing and the sun rising, this fog-like feeling envelops the morning. Quiet is what is is. Extremely quite and peaceful, to the point of it being eerie.

Not for everyone though!

There is the small group of people who thrive in early mornings, who live off the adrenaline of a 3-2-1 live countdown – the early morning TV hosts. Such energy, such wit and at such an early time. I don’t know how they do it. Mind you, I am sitting in a freezing arena. Literally, the floor is ice, and these hosts are skating around, being joyous and perky, waking people up with a smile.

I’m usually one of those people and thoughts of my warm bed haunted my mind that morning, but you can’t deny the excited of my first early morning PR event.


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