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Being the Yes Girl.

My advice, not like you asked for it, is to always say YES. No matter what the project or random tasks, say yes. At my internship, I am continually asks to do things, some of which make more sense than others. Instead of saying, “You know, I don’t think I can do that,” I always say, “Sure, no problem.” The truth of the matter is, usually  it is no problem for me to handle a project, but that’s not the point.

Employers want to see if you can be proactive. You may not know all the details or how this small tasks fits within the larger picture, but every little project is in fact a test. Can you figure things out? The answer, you better.

For example, I am asked to send packages out on a weekly basis, at least. Sometimes they need to be put on rush, sometime it’s an international shipment, and every once in a while the package isn’t a package at all. But regardless of what is handed to me, I figure it out. Instead of asking for a box to use, I find one. Instead of asking what paperwork is needed to ship things to Canada, I call FedEx and figure it out for myself.

I never even thought twice about those little steps until I had a meeting with my supervisor the other day. She complimented me on my ability to get things done, without a list of questions and without hesitation. I go for it, and sure, it may get bumpy on the way, but you have to deal with those bumps as they come and not run off asking for help.

Yet again,I feel even more at home in an agency where my time there is not-so-slowly ticking down. I wish this didn;t have to end.


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