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You Got To Be Bold

I recently asked my supervisor, “What do you see as being the most important trait for someone to have in this position?” Her response: “In this agency, creativity.”  This exchange was followed by a conversation about a person’s willingness to be bold.

It’s hard, especially for an intern, to feel comfortable enough to truly be bold. And what I mean by “truly bold” is the attitude and conviction to try something new, without reservations, and be prepared for the outcome – good or bad. That’s not to say that one should just do what they please, regardless of any forethought, rather, it is to be confident in your abilities to handle any situation that might arise from your decision.

Years ago, my mom put it quite simply, saying, “You do what you need to do now to make you happy, and deal with the rest when it comes along. You can’t predict the future, you can only face the now.” My mother said this to me when I was trying to make the life-changing decision about college, but I think it holds true for most things in life.

Be bold. Have the conviction to take a chance, take a risk, and have the confidence that you are prepared to handle anything that may happen next.




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