a blog by Liz Johnston… just a 20-something PR girl trying to find her way

Yesterday, I turned 23 and today I face the fact that in less than three weeks, I will be a college graduate. Wow-zers. I feel a little stunned, like this is what I have been waiting for, but that ‘what’ is still TBD. This post, like so many of mine, ponders the question of what it means to grow-up. And I do think that meaning is different for different people. My mom told me, “you’re never really, truly all grown-up until both your parents pass and you no longer have them to look to.” Ok, makes sense, but that doesn;t mean i will be a kid until then either. So what am I now? I’m in my 20s, arguably some of the hardest, most soul searching times of my life, and I have no idea where to begin. Is that wrong, no, but is that helpful, not at all.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the transition I will be making in a few weeks. I’ve written before about what an amazing program the PDXSX is and how it is the perfect transition from student to professional, but I’m still a student. In less than three weeks, I can no check the student box, buy student movie tickets or get student discounts on just about everything. I’m losing the label that has defined me for more than 16 years. Not bad, not good, just different.

And I guess that is what growing-up is. It’s different. Every birthday we blow out one more candle on our cake, but nothing really changes. I still get Disney princess gifts and cars that fold into a crown, I’m just an adult now, not a kid.


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