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They Ain’t Getting Rid of Me, Yet.

I know that I am good at what I do, but it sure is nice to hear it, too! Today, I had a meeting with my supervisor and was offered an extension on my internship, and of course, I said yes. So, it looks like my concerns of transitioning from student to professional won’t be so hard. It actually won’t be much of a transition at all. Ha! The only things that will be changing are my title -from “student intern” to simply “intern, ” and my pay-grade –  from nothing to something.

The department made the decision not to hire anyone on a salary basis for the vacant position. Instead they want to keep me on and their PR intern,  guaranteed through Q1. And while I will still be an intern, and a salary position is the ultimate goal for a college grad, I am ecstatic about this opportunity. The fact that they did not hire anyone, from the large stack of resumes I know they received, and are keeping me around instead, must be saying something.